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Colombo Cargo United is a privately held firm that provides highly specialized solutions around the world to suit a wide range of customer needs by combining our resources with technology.

We provide full Freight Forwarding services for the smooth import and export of commodities around the world, whether by air, sea, or road, making the process faster and more cost effective. We also provide 3 people services to our valid customers typically specialized in CCU Warehousing, Transportation Services Inventory Management, Freight Forwarding & etc that we can be scaled and customized to the client needs based on market condition and the demands of their needs.

We are specialized in all modes of Packing, Relocation, Shipping by Sea, Air and Land services to all over the world. We also provide the Door to Door Services to our Valued customers. Since its inception as a company with young and enthusiastic experts with decades of expertise, Colombo Cargo United has grown progressively.We have sibling organizations that specialize in Sea Freight Clearing and Air Freight Clearing, and we work together to complete import clearances and forwarding processes.



Why Colombo Cargo United Logistics

If you or your company does business with other businesses and needs to import or export cargo to or from them, you'll need a reliable freight forwarding partner. That is why you should use Colombo Cargo United and its highly trained staff with decades of experience. Our crew will keep track of the entire process to ensure that your freight is delivered or arrives safely at its final destination.

We offer maximum security and safe delivery with real-time information as a premium logistics service provider working with internationally recognized abroad agents, inland haulage companies, ocean and air carriers. We will handle all aspects of your freight forwarding procedure and obligations, beginning with the paperwork, by coordinating with shipping and airline companies, importing and exporting partners, customs, and any other parties involved in the process.

Specifically, the duties that are difficult to complete and will cause you problems in your daily life.



Expertized On Professional Logistics And Transportation

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Expand Your Trade Beyond The Borders

We have a strong presence with improved relationships, namely in China and Asian countries, as well as with all other members of the World Cargo Alliance, the most powerful organization of logistics networks in the world. Since 2015, Colombo Cargo United has been a responsible member of WCA.

With all of the best business to business shipping solutions available around the world, as well as expertise in logistics management, successfully expanding your trade beyond national lines is no longer a pipe dream. What once took weeks now takes only hours or days.

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